Old School Rink Scouting

Ok location scouting may not make or break a shoot, but it is what separates the true professional from the rest.

When we are looking for a shoot location there are a couple specifics we need to see in person. Like the exterior shot where we needed a very long linear composition.

For this shoot we needed an ice rink that felt like old school hockey with minimal distracting elements and decor.

We fell in love with Minnehaha Academy’s ice rink at first sight of the wood paneled ceiling and authentic minimalistic feel.

Warm up rooms were of special interest to us. This is because we wanted the freedom of composition that only simple clean roomy space could provide. This means little in the background to distract and large blocks of color to accent the composition. 

This location did not disappoint, with access to two identical mirrored warmup rooms and an office location to set up a charging and digital work station, we were set. The warm up rooms were large enough to frame up the talent anyway we wished.

Even giving us the ability to set up a longer perspective doorway shot. Basicly we are able to shoot in any direction we pleased and to a Marine that is like music to our ears.

The details, as far as the color palette and patina were perfect accents to complement the look of the final image.

It is important to have the main color red because it matched up with the clients colors and it was a part of both the American and Canadian flags.

Like I mentioned above lighting is crucial. Here we were able to change the amount of light with three stages of overhead florescent lighting and the ability to draw shades to the outside windows.

This allows us to drop the lighting down in the background while keeping enough for our main subject.